March 20, 2009

Aqua World

Jewelerry (Mücevher)

Shoes (Ayakkabılar)

Bags (Cantalar)

Tops (Üstler)

Dresses (Elbiseler)

photo source:

Fotograflardan anlasılacagi gibi baslık secimim tam yerinde olmus:) Aslında bu bahar gercekten mavi bombardımanına tutuldugumuzu dusunuyorum, ozellikle de canli tonuyla icimizi acan kobalt mavisi bu sezon gercekten cok moda.
Ayakkabıdan, elbiseye ve hatta mucevherlere kadar size bu sezonun orneklerinden sunmak istedim.. Gerci bu kadar cok maviyi gorunce gozlerim yorulmadi desem yalan olur ama elbetteki moda icin herseye deger:)
Not: Büyük versiyonlar icin fotografların ustune tıklamanız yeterli..

In English: As it is clearly seen from the photos, my decision of the title of this post is absolutely right. In this spring season, I believe we are attacked by the blues, especially cobalt blue is the most popular one.
I wanted to present you the latest examples of this color including shoes, dresses and even jewelerries. But I have to admit that my eyes got tired while looking all the blue things at the same time, but as you know, fashion worths for everything:)
p.s. Please, click on photos for seeing larger versions.


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